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At NeoCon 2019:

RECKONstruct will make its stateside launch at NeoCon from June 10 – 12. NeoCon attendees will have the opportunity to hear from members of the creative team behind the exhibit. Jane Abernethy (Humanscale), Russell Fortmeyer (Arup), and Alexandra Muller (International Living Future Institute) will present Biomimicry, Biofab, and Circularity as Tools to RECKONstruct on Tuesday, June 11 from 4:00-5:00PM as part of the show’s official seminar series. The team will explore how sustainable design principles require innovative solutions and will demonstrate how the regenerative life cycle assessment evaluates the impacts of different design outcomes on topics including climate change, water depletion, and environmental health. They will also discuss and define footprints, the negative effects of our actions, and handprints, our intentional positive mark on the planet. Location: Merchandise Mart, Room T229