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“We’ve become so far removed from the sources of materials we use in our daily lives, including where they come from and where they end up, RECKONstruct gives us elegant and tangible examples of how design that is conscientious of the life-cycle burdens of materials can bring forth better products to the spaces in which we spend our lives.”


-Russell Fortmeyer, Arup Associate Principal and Sustainability Consulting Leader and Chief Curator of the exhibit.



"As a pioneer in sustainable design and manufacturing, Humanscale is honored to represent the United States in the important global movement reshaping mass production. Sustainability is the ultimate design challenge and our concept work on display at the Triennale’s Broken Nature presents the range and beauty of sustainable solutions inspired by nature.


-Jane Abernethy, Humanscale Chief Sustainability Officer, and RECKONstruct Curator



“The central challenge at this moment in nature’s history on Earth is for one of its creations, humanity, to consciously adopt one of its core creative principles: reciprocity: taking but also giving back. Our footprints are the taking that we seek to minimize through efficient design. Our handprints are the giving back, that we seek to maximize, through enlightened design.”


-Gregory Norris, Director of SHINE@MIT


Novità Communications

“This is an important time to show the commitment of the US design community to the global environmental crisis we all face. Our team jumped at the chance to join this critical conversation spearheaded by Paola Antonelli and the Triennale. The US Pavilion exhibition presents a small window into the work that is happening at companies large and small across the US. We are inspired by our global colleagues and feel opportunities like this bring us all forward.” – -- 


-Christine Abbate, President, Novità Communications


NextWave Plastics

“As a species, humans have made a significant impact on the earth. This exhibit reminds us that it is possible and necessary to design not only with nature in mind, but also to hold nature as a central design principle in all that we create.”


- Dune Ives, Executive Director, Lonely Whale



“We're ecstatic to be included in the RECKONstruct exhibit, which closely aligns with the ethos of our brand. Since we started Stickbulb in 2012, our mission has been to help design a world filled with more light and less waste."


– Stickbulb Co-Founder Russell Greenberg